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Concert Ticket Guide

How to buy concert tickets safely and with no fuss

It would be nice if you could buy cheap concert tickets to watch your favorite artists perform live, wouldn't it? But because tickets are expensive you may have no choice but to make do with DVDs and televised versions, which are not as thrilling as when you are watching the concert live. There are ways to get cheap concert tickets if you just know how to look.You can make your dreams into realities with the help of these five steps that will guide you how to bag discounted, if not free, concert tickets.

1.) Try reserving for singleton seats if you do not mind watching the concert alone or sitting next to complete strangers. These seats are called such because they are the ones that are left vacant in between the seats that have already been reserved. You can get singleton seats shortly before the show starts online at places like www.sizzlingtickets.com, or you can just turn up at the booking office (but you would need to come early to get the best seats that are still available). Remember that this works for one person only, so if you are planning a date, you might want to consider sitting separately if there are no more available tickets that are side-by-side.

2.) Tune in to the news, or your favorite radio station - yes, they can help you not by just reminding you when the concert is happening, but by also giving away free tickets to a hit concert. Sometimes they even give the tickets away as prizes for free.

3.) In concert performances, there are also those who sell their spare tickets to others for a price that is lower than the original one. In singleton tickets, you can mostly get a seat a few short minutes before the start of the concert. The goal is for you to get cheap concert tickets, and this cannot be achieved if you will be rude to the sellers. Note that they will walk out on you if they feel that you are not willing to negotiate peacefully.

4.) Trace any friends that you have who are connected to the concert industry. If ever you have some, simply request for them to keep you updated with the latest and upcoming gigs of your favorite artists and inquire if there is a chance for you to acquire cheap passes from them.

5.) If the concert performance you've been wanting to go to is not yet scheduled until a couple of more months, better resort to buying off-season tickets because purchasing tickets a few months earlier is cheaper as compared to buying tickets of performances that will soon happen.

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